Gigi and Bella Hadid Celebrate Halloween Early

bella hadid
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The Hadid clan—Gigi and Bella, their teenage brother Anwar, and mom Yolanda—recreated an iconic scene from Beetlejuice in a kooky and seriously fun video for Vogue.

The 80s Called…

The video begins with Yolanda carrying a tray laden with burgers, fries, and sodas into an eerily lit dining room. The set is all 80s glamour, with white-on-white décor, giant statues, and neon lights. Long-legged Bella Hadid is in the living room, texting with a friend, but she jumps up when her mom calls the kids in for dinner. What follows is one of the most bizarre celebrity videos ever.

Family Dinner

As a lovely piece of music plays (it’s “The Flower Duet” from the opera Lakme, if you’re curious), the sisters squabble over whether Bella stole Gigi’s earrings. Anwar shows up and fixes his hair using a spoon as a mirror. Everyone is dressed like a bizarre cross between Dynasty and circus clowns. Bella’s outfit features high-waisted green sequined pants, a black tailcoat, and see-through t-shirt with a silver hat. Gigi, meanwhile, is covered in layers of white ruffled tulle. And Anwar is wearing some kind of terrible salmon-colored lounge suit.

bella hadid
Entertainment Tonight

Tally Me Banana

But in the middle of Yolanda’s toast to her kids, the familiar opening line to Harry Belafonte’s Day-O” starts to play. The family does a perfect recreation of the possession scene from Beetlejuice. Seriously, the choreography is absolutely perfect.

Things get even weirder when they lift off the covers of their dinners to reveal their own severed heads screaming at them on beds of lettuce.

They fall to the floor, and when we see them again, each of the Hadids is dressed in a more fashionable outfit that looks like something from this century.

Frankly, I have no idea what I just watched but it was awesome. Who knew the Hadid clan had such a sense of humor?