Have You Seen the Captain Marvel Trailer Yet?

Captain Marvel

From the moment she crash-lands in a Blockbuster Video, we were so pumped for the new Captain Marvel trailer. Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers is very much the star of the show, but Samuel L. Jackson’s distinctive voice anchors the action. Can it be March 8, 2019 now, please?

Captain Marvel Falls to Earth

From what we know, the movie will follow Air Force pilot Carol Danvers as she’s caught up in a war between two alien races. The Kree have appeared before—you might remember them from Guardians of the Galaxy—and their leader is played by the still-dreamy Jude Law. The other aliens are called the Skrull, led by perpetual baddie Ben Mendelsohn.

It’s clear that there’s more to Carol than meets the eye. She seems to be from Earth, but she also has crazy powers. All will no doubt be revealed in the movie, but until then, let’s speculate wildly!

A Few Familiar Faces

The film is set in the ‘90s—AKA the best decade ever—so we have the chance to see some characters from the Marvel Universe as well as plenty of nostalgia. We love Carol’s 1990s tough girl ensemble, especially the Nine Inch Nails t-shirt.

And we’re more than tickled to have Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury back on the screen. We also got a glimpse of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). Both actors have been digitally de-aged, so Jackson looks more like his Pulp Fiction heyday. Freaky!

Okay, But Why Did She Punch That Old Lady?

The most shocking moment in the trailer is when Carol, decked out in her battle armor, clocks what seems to be a sweet old lady on a public bus. There’s one likely explanation, given what we know about the film’s baddies, a race of shape-shifting aliens called the Skrull.

We’re thinking the old lady is actually a Skrull. Or maybe that’s not the real Carol but an imposter! Or maybe…you know what, we’re just gonna wait to see Captain Marvel in the theater.