How Is Nicolas Cage Even a Real Person?

Nicolas Cage—Oscar-winning actor and weirdest guy on the planet. Nic—can we call him Nic?—is as well known for his off-screen hijinks these days. He blew all that sweet Hollywood cash on some of the craziest purchases ever made by a celebrity. You know when kids imagine how they’d spend a million dollars? It’s kind of like that.

An Unusual Acting Coach

Some actors go Method or follow the Stanislavski approach. But Nic Cage went full octopus. He claims that his pet octopus, which cost $150,000, is crucial to his success as an actor. In fact, he considered the octopus so essential to his craft that he tried to claim a write-off on his taxes for it.

Stuff That Belongs in a Museum

The unconventional actor once paid almost $300,000 for a T. Rex skull at an auction. (The guy bidding against him? Leonardo DiCaprio!) Unfortunately, the skull turned out to have been stolen by smugglers from Mongolia, and he had to give it back. However, he still owns his collection of shrunken heads, as far as we know. As for what he does with them? It’s best not to ask.

So Many Comic Books

Nic is a big fan of Superman. How big? Well, he named his son Kal-El (Superman’s original Kryptonian name) for starters. And he bought a copy of the first-ever Superman comic from 1938 for $150,000. His collection is rumored to be worth $1.6 million.

Castles, Haunted Mansions, and a Real-Life Pyramid

Among his many properties, Nic purchased not one but two castles—the first in England and the second in Bavaria. If he got bored with Europe, he could jet over to his haunted mansion in New Orleans. He owned over 15 homes at one point, since sleeping in the same house more than two nights in a row is something only peasants do.

And for his eternal rest, the National Treasure star commissioned a pyramid-shaped tomb in a historic New Orleans cemetery. Never change, Nic. Never change.