Is Bill Skarsgard Hot or Terrifying?

Bill Skarsgård walks the line between sexy and terrifying, and frankly we just don’t know anymore. Sometimes he’s hot like fire. Sometimes he’s creepy. And sometimes he’s both. We’ve never been more confused and intrigued.


Most of us first heard about Bill—son of Stellan Skarsgård and brother of True Blood’s dreamy Alexander Skarsgård—when he landed the role of Pennywise the Clown in the remake of Steven King’s IT. The killer clown was first played by similar hot-or-scary legend Tim Curry, so there were big (clown) shoes to fill. The 27-year-old Swedish actor did an amazing job. In fact, we’re now too scared to visit the entire state of Maine.

Castle Rock

Bill slayed as Pennywise, but we were firmly convinced that he was too frightening to be foxy. And then he was cast as a mysterious young man known as “The Kid” in Steven King’s Castle Rock series on Hulu. There was no clown makeup this time. Just those huge, luminous gray eyes and the smile that veers between sweet and sinister. It doesn’t help that he’s shot from above, looking up with shadows pooling beneath his cut-glass cheekbones.

The Universe Has Spoken

Castle Rock’s showrunner Sam Shaw is firmly on Team Hot. “Having attended New York Comic Con with Bill, and seeing a crowd of autograph hunters chase him down as if he was a long-lost Beatle, I’m pretty sure that the universe has decided objectively that Bill is hot,” Shaw said. “And, who are we to argue with the universe?”

Who indeed, gentle readers? Bill has an indefinable aura of sexiness. Despite—or maybe because of—his eerie good looks, we’re willing to give him a chance. Just as long as he doesn’t give us any red balloons….