Lady Gaga (Mostly) Grows Up on Red Carpet

Lady Gaga
Harper’s Bazaar

Lady Gaga has once again reinvented herself, this time as a serious actress. She stars along Bradley Cooper in the latest remake of A Star Is Born, set to premiere on October 5th in the United States.

The film—and particularly her performance—has been getting solid reviews. And for a woman who once hatched out of an egg on the red carpet and wore a dress made out of actual raw meat, the erstwhile Stephanie Germanotta looks pretty great, too.

From Fresh Meat to Haute Couture

Gaga’s fame has always been deeper than her outsider take on fashion. Beneath all the drama, she has some serious vocal talent, but we often end up talking about the trappings of her performance art rather than her voice.

For her work promoting the film, she’s toned things down with a series of high fashion ensembles. Of course, it wouldn’t be Gaga if things didn’t get a little weird. At the Toronto Film Festival, she went through 4 costume changes!

Black Widow

For the red carpet, Lady Gaga donned a black velvet column gown by Armani that fit her like a glove. She accessorized with a bizarre netted concoction that covered everything from the elbows up. Honestly, it looked a little like she put on her veil backwards in the limo and just decided to go with it.

Lady Gaga

A Movie Star Is Born?

At the film’s official debut during the Venice Film Festival, Lady Gaga went even more Old Hollywood glam. She swanned down the red carpet in a massive Valentino gown covered in pale pink feathers. The gown is named “Flamingo,” and it’s obvious why.

Lady Gaga has the presence to avoid looking like the sexy feather duster from Beauty and the Beast. Her simple (but massive) diamond earrings and sleek up-do highlight her striking features. It’s just weird enough to stay on-brand for Gaga while still presenting a more mature, serious face to the world.