The Craziest Things Gwyneth Paltrow Ever Pushed on Her Lifestyle Blog

Look, Gwyneth, we need to talk. We liked you a lot in your movies. But then came Goop and “conscious uncoupling” and the jade eggs. Goop is half Eastern medicine and half New Age nonsense. Sometimes it’s funny, and other times it’s downright dangerous.

How much of it does she write herself? We’ll never know, but Gwyneth is willing to attach her name and reputation to Goop. Recently, it cost her $145,000. A judge ruled that she has to pay a settlement for insisting that the products she promotes and sells on her lifestyle blog could treat depression and other illnesses. Here are three of the craziest products from Goop—don’t try these at home!

Yoni Eggs

No one should pay $60 for an egg-shaped rock, and if they do, they definitely shouldn’t stick it inside their bodies. But that’s exactly what Gwyneth wanted her readers to do with these jade eggs. Dr. Jen Gunter—an actual medical practitioner—called the product the “biggest load of garbage.”

Gold Dumbbells

You’d have to be a dumb-dumb yourself to pay $125,000 for gold dumbbells. The handles are made of rare wood and claim to be weighted with about 2kg of gold. These are from the same gift guide that recommended a “Devi steamer seat” to steam clean your downstairs area.

Healing Stickers

Who are you going to believe when it comes to science: NASA or Gwyneth Paltrow? To be fair, Gwyneth has an Oscar, but we’d still back the geeks at NASA. They ruled that the “healing stickers” Gwyneth promoted on Goop were nothing but a scam. If you really wanted to see if putting stickers on your face made you feel better, you could just get a sheet of them from the dollar store.