We’re Starting to Get Worried About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Harper’s Bazaar

Oh Justin. We remember when you were a fresh-faced Canadian moppet with a bowl cut and a winning smile. Now, you’re wandering around New York dressed like a combination between Nick Nolte’s mug shot and the Big Lebowski.

What’s up, Biebs? Do you need a hug? Or maybe just a fashion intervention?

Maybe Married?

Justin and his lady, Hailey Baldwin, have been busy bees leading up to their wedding. In fact, reports trickled in over the weekend that the duo might have gotten hitched in a courthouse wedding, but that was quickly shot down. The pair did pick up a marriage license on Thursday, however. At this rate, they’ll beat Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson down the aisle. But frankly, we’re worried about what Justin will wear to the wedding.

Cutting-Edge Couture or Crazy?

Justin’s fashion choices lately have been…odd. On Saturday, he stepped out in a watercolor tie-dye sweat suit ensemble. The only good thing about it was that the hood was up, hiding his lank, shaggy mane of blonde hair. He looked like he was trying to camouflage himself as a Monet painting

Justin and Hailey often dress down for their dates. For her, that means athletic wear or matching denim pieces paired with a severe topknot and minimal makeup. For him, that seems to mean tattered khakis and bizarre Hawaiian button-down shirts that make him look like he’s angling for a part on a Miami Vice reboot. Sometimes he adds a puffy white trucker hat, which does not help anything.

A Style Icon?

Look, you can’t say that Justin fails to take risks in the name of fashion. From drop-crotch leather pants to giant fur coats, he marches to the beat of his own drummer, and you’ve got to respect that. He and Hailey seem to be pretty genuine.

I mean, she’s willing to be seen with him in public while he’s dressed like a background character from a Quentin Tarantino movie. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.