Wow, That’s First Time This Happened in 70 Years of Emmy Awards!

glen weiss
Entertainment Tonight

The 70th Annual Emmy Awards came and went on Monday night. Sure, there were plenty of gorgeous gowns, a few jokes, and a couple of surprise wins. But for the first time in the TV award show history, a winner got down on one knee and proposed!

From Outstanding to Kneeling

To be honest, we’d never paid much attention to nominees for things like “Outstanding Directing for a Variety.” It’s no doubt a huge honor to win for your hard work, but we’re more into the major acting awards. But this year, everyone will remember the name of the guy who won for his work on the 2018 Oscar telecast.

Glen Weiss, a soft-spoken director with long hair, a greying goatee, and black glasses, took to the stage to accept his award. And no one could believe what happened next.

Healing a Broken Heart

The director began his speech with some pretty standard stuff. He thanked the folks at ABC for giving him the opportunity to direct the Oscar telecast, as well as his daughters. Then he spoke about his mother, who passed away just two weeks ago. When he said that “part of my heart is broken” after her death, more than a few people in the audience looked like they started to tear up.

His mother had always told him to find the sunshine in his life, and he thanked his girlfriend Jan Svendsen for being just that. “And Mom was right, don’t ever let go of your sunshine,” Weiss said. “You wonder why I don’t like to call you my girlfriend? Because I want to call you my wife.”

The audience erupted into cheers and whoops. This Is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia helped usher Svendsen onto the stage. She stood, tears in her eyes, as Weiss knelt and asked her to marry him.

We were so relieved she said YES!