Are You Ready for Peak Nostalgia? Life-Size 2 Is Coming!

life-size 2

It’s really happening, folks. Our collective dreams are finally coming true. No, not world peace. Life-Size 2 is finally happening. Tyra banks confirmed that the long-awaited sequel to her “doll comes to life” movie will be slapping us in the face this December.

The official word, via Entertainment Weekly twitter dispatch, is that the new made-for-TV movie on Freeform will reflect “a period of growth and maturity for the series without skimping on razzle-dazzle raincoat eleganza.”


More Details, Please!

Tyra is back, and she’ll be joined by Francia Raisa (of Grown-ish). Francia will be playing Grace, the CEO of a toy company she inherited from her mother who finds herself in way over her head.

According to the divine Miss Banks herself, things are a little different in the sequel. “[T]here’s a bit of a bait-and-switch where you think Eve is one thing and she turns out to be something else, so fans of the original will go, ‘Oh my gosh!’” We cannot wait!

Where Is Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan costarred in the original movie, but let’s just say that the last eighteen years have not been as kind to LiLo as they were to Tyra. Lindsay is currently filming a TV show about clubbing in Greece for MTV, so it wasn’t clear whether she’d be able to show up for a cameo.

However, Tyra confirmed that she wants her former costar to be part of the sequel in some way. “Lindsay Lohan will be in Life-Size 2, yes! I really, really want her to. We’re talking about it right now and she has got to come back!”

Be A Star

Do you even need to ask if “Be A Star” will be part of the sequel? The super-catchy tune has apparently gotten an updated sound. Tyra promises that the new version is a “club banger.” It’s hard to imagine dancing to the cheesy, upbeat song at the kind of clubs Lindsay Lohan hangs out at these days, but…okay. We’re in. Let’s do this, Freeform!