Have You Ever Wondered About Royal Wedding Costs?

royal wedding costs

With all these princes and princesses getting married, it makes you wonder who’s footing the bill, doesn’t it? Royal wedding costs add up, after all.

Princess Eugenie married her longtime love Jack Brooksbank last weekend in a charming ceremony at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. You might recognize the chapel from earlier this year when Prince Harry (Eugenie’s cousin, don’t ya know) married Meghan Markle in another lavish ceremony. And, of course, a few years ago we all watched in rapt fascination as Harry’s older brother William married Kate. Let’s take a peek at the bill for these royal weddings, shall we?


Naturally, security is a big deal at these high-profile weddings. Between the royals and the celebrities, it costs millions to keep everyone safe. Experts estimate that Eugenie’s wedding cost about 2 million pounds, but Kate and William’s to-do ran at least 30 million in security alone. As to who paid for it? Mostly the Commonwealth taxpayers.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love a good wedding gown. And the royal brides have access to the very best designers money can buy. Meghan wore a Givenchy gown that cost about $135,000. The Duchess of Sussex paid for her own gown. Eugenie’s Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos wedding outfit cost about the same. As for the former Kate Middleton, her Alexander McQueen gown cost nearly half a million dollars.


The Royals footed the bill for the flowers and décor at all three of the weddings. It’s estimated that the beautiful local blossoms that decked out the chapel for Harry and Meghan’s wedding cost about $150,000. Although Eugenie’s wedding had a much more stately and reserved autumn theme, the flowers likely cost about the same.


Although we’ll never get to taste these delicious cakes ourselves, we can at least dream. Meghan and Harry had a lemon-elderflower cake that served 200 select guests at a cost of about $5000. Both Eugenie and Kate’s nuptials had larger receptions—800 and 600 guests, respectively—and both spent about $10,000 on their lavishly decorated cakes. Must be nice, right?