How Does Duchess Meghan’s Wardrobe Grow?

royal fashion

When Meghan Markle married into the British Royal Family, she had to learn an entire new wardrobe protocol. Although she was already a red carpet pro thanks to her career as an actress, the royal rules are much different. She always looks fabulous—and appropriate—but where do Duchess Meghan’s clothes come from? Who pays for them? Read on to read all about royal fashion!

No Freebies

Here’s the first question answered: No, the royals don’t accept clothes for free. Although the designers and styles they wear tend to sell out immediately, none of the royal ladies take freebies. Both Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan favor British (or Canadian) designers, and often choose pieces from the “high street”—meaning mainstream off-the-rack fashion that’s accessible to mere mortals.

How Royals Shop

Of course Meghan can’t just saunter into the local Topshop for a browse. At least not without causing a huge amount of hassle for everyone involved. Royals have assistants who get designers to send over pieces to try on. After choosing what they’d like to keep, the assistants return the rest and pay for the purchases.

Who Picks Up the Tab?

When Meghan and Harry posed for their engagement pictures, she caught some criticism for wearing a $78,000 Ralph & Russo gown. However, she paid for the lavish gown out of her pocket. Meghan was paid well for her work on Suits—about $50,000 an episode at the end of her 7-year tenure. So while the gown wasn’t exactly pocket change for the duchess, it was less extravagant than it sounds.

Nowadays, Meghan’s work wardrobe is covered by money from Prince Charles. Anything she wears to a public event where she represents the crown is covered by the royals. And considering that Prince Harry is worth an estimated $25 million in his own right, it’s not likely that Duchess Meghan will have to resort to hand-me-downs for her royal fashion anytime soon.