Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Are Married, Y’all

Justin Bieber
Harper’s Bazaar

Hey, remember last month when Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were spotted picking up a marriage license? The couple denied that they actually wed…but it turns out that their drop-crotch acid-wash pants are on fire.

Reliable Gossip

TMZ originally reported that Justin and Hailey had only picked up their marriage license. But People magazine insisted that the pair quietly married at an NYC courthouse ceremony. Score one for the old-school gossip magazine!

Now TMZ agrees that the lovebirds married the same day they picked up their license. A preacher named Jeffrey Quinn oversaw the nuptials, and Justin’s pal Josh Mehl flew in from California to stand as their witness.

But Is There a Prenup?

Hailey Baldwin is a model and daughter of one of the lesser Baldwins. She’ll probably never have to worry about money by normal standards given that she’s apparently worth a couple of million dollars. But Bieber? He’s worth a lot more. Like, around $250 million. And apparently the crazy kids got married without signing a prenup.

Reports indicate that Bieber’s camp reached out to a lawyer on the day of the marriage. Apparently they weren’t able to get the legal document drafted in time. So why was there such a rush to get hitched?

One Last Step

Apparently Justin and Hailey are both regular churchgoers who take their faith seriously. There were rumors that the pair—who have been friends for years before becoming romantically involved—intended to wait until marriage to jump into bed together.

TMZ is also reporting that the couple won’t consider themselves truly married—like, married­­—married—until they say their vows in a church. The couple are allegedly considering a major ceremony in the first part of 2019, either in Justin’s native Canada or upstate New York.