LeBron James… Media Mogul?

LeBron James isn’t just one of the greatest basketball players of all times. He’s also now a move producer!  Is there anything this man can’t do?

His production company, SpringHill Entertainment, is in talks to reboot the Friday the 13th film franchise as well as a sequel to Space Jam and a remake of House Party.

lebron james

Can You Top the Original?

The original Friday the 13th premiered back in 1980. In a tale as old as time, the movie follows a group of teenagers who get murdered one after another in an abandoned summer camp. The slasher movie was absolutely intended to capitalize on moviegoers’ thirst for blood after the success of Halloween.

To Reboot or Not to Reboot

So far, there have been 12—yes, a full dozen!—movies in the Friday the 13th universe. They even sent Jason to space. Where else is there to go? Well, according to Variety, the plan is a straight-up reboot of the original.

Considering that the recently released sequel to Halloween had an outstanding opening, it makes sense to look at other horror franchises as a good investment.

The producers of the new Halloween ditched all of the previous sequels and reboots, instead making a direct sequel of the original film. LeBron James and SpringHill Entertainment are being very smart to think of cashing in on #nostalgia now.

Nostalgia Sells

You can see a theme when you look at the three films reportedly in production by LeBron James. Although they all have very different genres, they’re all movies that have a serious nostalgia factor.

Friday the 13th has been in our cultural consciousness for what seems like forever. Although House Party and Space Jam haven’t been rebooted and sequeled to death yet, they’re still popular among folks who grew up on VHS tapes.  Man, those were the days.