Lindsay Lohan Stars in the Weirdest Celebrity News Story of 2018

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is back in the news for one of the weirdest stories of 2018. The former child star and current hot mess has been lying relatively low in recent years. She partied in Greece and Turkey, managed to show up to work during a production of Speed-the-Plow in London, and generally seemed to be living a low-drama lifestyle.

Well, guess what? LiLo is back, and she’s topped her past antics with a story that’s so bizarre we may never fully understand it.

Moscow Melee

The story begins in Moscow, where Lindsay Lohan saw a family of what appear to be Syrian refugees living on the street. She approached the mom, two kids, and a man assumed to be their father. She offered them money to stay in a hotel for the night—yay?—but things took a turn for the weird.

The family clearly didn’t speak English, so Lindsay’s offer meant nothing to them. (Presumably they also had not seen Herbie: Fully Loaded, what with fleeing a war-torn Syria.) When the family didn’t respond to her liking, Lindsay grabbed one of the kids.

Just One Night

You read that right. She tried to take one of the children, insisting that the kid deserved to stay in a hotel for one night. Lindsay kept repeating that phrase, “one night, one night,” as she tried to drag the child away. The family gathered up their meager possessions and tried to get away from the situation, but Lindsay chased them down the street.

Shouting in a variety of bizarre accents, Lindsay accused the family of trafficking children, ruining Arabic culture, and other strange accusations and insults.

Twist Ending

Lindsay caught up to the family and tried one more time to grab the children. And their mother, understandably, punched that crazy redhead in the face.

How do we know this happened? Because Lindsay Lohan was live-streaming the whole thing on Instagram. We live in interesting times, don’t we?