Post Malone Spent $40k Last Year on WHAT?

Musician Post Malone holds the distinction of being the number one customer of Postmates, a delivery service. In fact, he spent $40,000 last year on the service, mostly on food deliveries.

Postmates dished on Post Malone’s purchases—so let’s find out what forty grand buys!


Number Crunch

Postmates revealed that Malone ordered nearly 3,000 individual items in more than 660 orders. (That’s an average of almost 2 orders per day, if you’re bad at math.) Malone had purchases delivered from nearly 300 different merchants, so clearly he is a man of diverse tastes. He also placed those orders in 52 different cities across the country while he was on tour.

So Many Biscuits

Apparently, Post Malone is a huge Popeyes fan. He once spent $8,000 on chicken biscuits for a Coachella party. Postmates hinted that Malone goes “psycho” for Popeyes, which is kind of an extreme reaction. Their chicken is good, but not that good. Then again, we’re talking about someone who has multiple facial tattoos, so the words “chill” or “moderation” aren’t really in his working vocabulary.

Party Supplies

What do you do when you want to throw a rad party on the fly? You call up your friendly local delivery service to rush everything over. Post Malone apparently ordered:

  • 3 packs of rolling papers
  • 6 bottles of OJ
  • 2 bottles of cranberry juice
  • 2 handles of vodka
  • 4 bottles of cabernet sauvignon
  • 2 bags of ice
  • 40 Solo cups

Honestly? I’m a little disappointed. That sounds like a pretty standard house party. I was hoping for like, a monkey wearing a Starfleet uniform or 10 bags of skittles with all the green ones picked out. What’s the point of being famous if you aren’t also deeply eccentric?

What a Tip!

Apparently Post Malone tipped one of the delivery people not with cash—like a regular customer might do—but with a copy of his unreleased CD. Which is great if the delivery person was a fan. If they were like, “Who is this strange guy with all the face tats trying to pay me with a CD?” then it’s kind of a bummer.