Timothée and Lily-Rose Are the Gorgeous Hipster Couple We’ve Been Waiting For

Timothée and Lily-Rose
Teen Vogue

This is not a drill! Timothée and Lily-Rose might be making out at this very minute!

Timothée Chalamet—dreamy star of Call Me By Your Name—has been spotted with canoodling with Lily-Rose Depp. The daughter of French model Vanessa Paradis and Hollywood legend Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose has been making a name for herself as a model and actress. He’s an Oscar-nominated actor with an incredible smile and charm for days.

NYC Make Out

Timmy-Rose (can we call them that?) was spied in New York City last weekend on a date-like excursion. One bystander reported that they looked like “a young couple in love” and made out “for over a minute.”

While there is something ridiculous about the idea of standing in the bushes to watch two young famous people make out with each other…well, would you be able to pry your gaze away? No, you would not.

From Costars to More?

Timothée and Lily-Rose met on the set of the Netflix movie The King. They’re almost the same age—he’s 22 and she’s 19—which is kinda sweet in an industry where women her age often pair off with men in their 40s or 50s.

Is it puppy love or something more? Their body language says that whatever’s happening between them, they’re comfortable with each other. The duo were spotted at Mud Coffee in New York, where they held hands and Lily-Rose had her arm around his waist. Still, they’ve yet to say anything about their maybe-romance.

But Timothée and Lily-Rose have a lot in common. They’ve both dealt with the spotlight at a young age. They both move in A-list Hollywood circles. And both have a French parent! Timothée was previously linked to Lordes Leon—Madonna’s daughter. Lily-Rose dated fellow model Ash Stymest for two years before breaking up earlier this year.