What Is Going on with the ‘Riverdale’ Cast’s Off-Screen Drama?

Riverdale is the dark night-time soap we’ve been waiting for, but the off-screen drama is almost as intense as anything that happens on TV.

Cute New Couple


Camila Mendes plays Veronica Lodge on Riverdale. And it looks like she’s found love with one of her fellow actors. Cami posted a picture of herself kissing Charles Melton, who plays Reggie Mantle on the show. The caption of the photo read “Mine.”

Their costars are over t he moon about the adorable couple. “I’m sitting next to u and watched u post this but I’m still obsessed with this a minute later,” Madelaine “Cheryl Blossom” Petsch responded.

Incredible Chemistry

Teen Vogue

Cami and Charles aren’t the only lovebirds who met on the set of Riverdale. Lili “Betty Cooper” Reinhardt and Cole “Jughead Jones” Sprouse have been dating for over a year. But they aren’t nearly as lovey-dovey on social media. In fact, the pair are more likely to tease each other than to proclaim their eternal love in public.

The cast has the same attitude about Lili and Cole. The couple prefers to keep their love life private—and considering the trouble that their on-screen characters experience, it’s no wonder they’d rather enjoy a quiet, stable relationship out of the public eye.

Crazy Murder Plot


Okay, as dishy as the Riverdale stars’ love lives are, nothing tops this bizarre story. Ross Butler, who played Reggie during the first season, is at the middle of a lawsuit that is so over the top even the writers of the show would think it’s too much.

Here’s the quick version: In 2016, Ross allegedly teamed up with Courtney Love and Sam Lutfi (the sketchy guy who was with Britney Spears during her breakdown) to beat up, kidnap, and rob Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband. The heart of the story is Kurt Cobain’s guitar, which Frances Bean allegedly gave to her ex as an engagement present. He says the family would do anything to get that guitar back.

Ross says he didn’t do anything wrong. We hope not, but what a crazy story.