Feast Your Eyes on 7 of the Best Dressed Men on the Planet

Men don’t get enough credit for their fashion skills on the red carpet. These handsome fellas prove that men can be just as fashionable as the ladies. Who’s your favorite of the best dressed men?

Donald Glover

best dressed men

Donald Glover has come a long way from his days on Community. The Atlanta and Solo star regularly heats up the red carpet in adventurous, impeccably tailored styles. Check out that purple tux!

David Gandy

best dressed men

To be fair, David Gandy is a professional model. But the man can wear clothes better than just about anyone else on the planet. He looks amazing in a Burberry suit, or a more casual dark blue button-down shirt.

Rami Malek

best dressed men

Rami Malek’s star-making turn in Bohemian Rhapsody has made him more of a household name, but fans have been knowing what a sharp dresser he is. His unearthly good looks are accented by slim-cut suits in rich jewel tones.

Ezra Miller

best dressed men

Ezra Miller isn’t a traditional fashion plate. In fact, his style is more “glam alien” than anything else. On the Fantastic Beasts red carpet, Ezra embraced high-fashion, gender-bending looks that people either love or hate. What do you think?

Ryan Gosling

best dressed men

Ryan Gosling looks fantastic on the red carpet, but his casual looks are even better. You can’t mistake him for anything other than a movie star, even when he’s dressed down.


best dressed men
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We’re not sure when it happened, but Common turned into a straight-up red carpet maestro. The rapper and actor executed a high degree of difficulty with this burgundy velvet tuxedo.

Henry Golding

best dressed men

The Crazy Rich Asians star crashed onto the scene as one of the hottest, best dressed men in Hollywood. Henry Golding’s classic movie star looks and dreamy British accent are impossible to resist!