Will You Be Watching Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show?

Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood’s most famous cautionary tale about child stardom, will soon be on TV with a brand-new reality show.

Lindsay Lohan

To be clear, this is not related to her previous reality show–the one where Oprah tried to help her get sober and rebuild her life. Instead, this one leans hard into her party-girl lifestyle.

The show centers on the Lohan clan–kids Lindsay, Ali, and Cody, plus their momager Dina. Apparently, Ali will be singing the theme song for the show. I have no idea if Ali can sing, but I’m fully hoping for a “Friday”-level disaster.

The network pitched the show as a “live action, comedy and drama,” so that covers most of the bases. They’re also selling it as a “cooler, hipper, edgier Vanderpump Rules.” What does all that mean? Honestly, we have no clue. After LiLo tried to kidnap some refugees off the street in Moscow, anything is possible.

Paradise Boss

Lindsay Lohan: Paradise Boss–which we have to assume is not a reference to John Milton’s classic Paradise Lost–follows LiLo as she runs her nightclub in Mykonos, Greece. The title makes it sound like we’re in for some kind of Undercover Boss entertainment.

Lindsay caught some heat earlier this year when she threatened two of her waitresses on Instagram for failing to wear matching shoes in a promotional shoot for the Lohan Beach House. She told the models “Wear the same shoes. Or you’re fired.”

Last-Minute Changes

The MTV-produced reality show is already generating drama, and it hasn’t even aired yet! Less than a day after announcing the name of the series, MTV’s parent company Viacom pulled the plug on the trademark registration for the title. The network has reportedly been hammering out a number of last-minute changes.

If we had to guess, they’re trying to salvage the show after it tested poorly with advertisers. But honestly, when it comes to Lindsay Lohan, nothing is certain. We’ll have to wait until sometime in 2019 to find out!